In this class, we’re going to look at the yoast Seo Search appearances, Media Tab, and when you upload media to wordpress, like images, videos or pdfs among other things, wordpress gives it two different urls, one for the item itself and another for a kind of item page, but it’s called an attachment page.

This class is going to detail the Yoast Seo content types tab located in the search appearance section.

In this class, we’re going to cover the yoast seo search appearance section, beginning with the General Tab.

This class is going to cover the webmaster tools tab located in the yoast Seo General section.

This class is going to cover the features tab in the Yoast Seo General section.

This class, we’ll go over the yoast Seo Dashboard Tab, found in the general section, so it’s good and log into our admin area of our site and head on over to the seo link here in the left sidebar and in the fly out we want to click on the general link and were brought to the dashboard tab by default.

In this class, we’re going to go over the Yoast Seo configuration. Was it a while? This is a quick way to get yoast seo working for you.

Now that we have the Yoast Seo Plugin installed and activated, let’s take a look at the display settings and if you want to, how to turn them off.

Just know that Seo and your wordpress site is very technical and if done wrong, can severely damage any chances you have of ranking in the search engines.

This video is going to cover what LSI is, also known as latent semantic indexing.